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I trained with Sharon during the last half of my pregnancy as I wasn't quite sure what from my normal routine was ok and what wasn't. Sharon helped me stay fit and strong whilst helping me stretch out my sore back/pelvis etc and prepared me not just for labour but also for afterwards. Would highly recommend for anyone considering antenatal PT.

Gill Harper

I worked with Sharon whilst I was pregnant last year and also postnatally to get my fitness levels back up. Sharon is a fantastic PT - I loved training with her and always looked forward to my sessions. She kept me in great shape during pregnancy - I was lucky enough to be able to keep training right up till the last few weeks before the birth; she constantly modified my programs based on my changing shape, which trimester I was in and how I was feeling each week. The sessions were always fun and varied and I have no doubt that the exercises I did helped my body to recover quickly. Her tips on nutrition and ways to ease various pregnancy related aches and pains were always gratefully received!
She is an incredibly talented, professional and dedicated PT and I would have no question in recommending her to anyone, pregnant or not!

Laura Easter

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