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As a four year old I started with gymnastics. By the age of nine I was in the national gymanstics selection in the Netherlands. At eleven, I was intrigued by a new sport. Sports aerobic - currently known as Aerobic Gymnastics at the Olympics. I became a junior champion in the Netherlands and later replaced this with musical school, flourishing in the dance department. Aside from solo sports, I played basketball, softball, hockey and handball as extra. Although I enjoy Solo competition, team sports taught me a lot of basic values in life.


In 2004, I moved to the United Kingdom to venture into drama. I got as far as the Cotswolds, putting sports on hold. I eventually started long distance running to get my fitness back and took up martial arts in 2010. I trained at Pegasus Martial arts in Aylesbury and I am now a purple belt kickboxer. I also practiced Karate at Pegasus, which I aspire to develop today. 


In my spare time, I like to practice parkour. This makes for a well- rounded balance of various disciplines together, creating incredible physical strength, control and challenge. There is a parkour park which one of my good friends and fellow PT took me to in 2014 and I have been hooked ever since. I went to a parkour class in Coatbridge and met Peter McKee who set up Parkour Scotland and built the park there. 


My main training consists of Powerlifting and I practice swimming for a triathlon at the end of this year. This is something that one of my clients has got me in to, following an annual Spartan race we do together. We have done the Spartan race Edinburgh every year, since I moved to Scotland.  

I believe health and fitness are key to a happy life, full of energy and achievement. It is my absolute passion to move. Apart from the obvious physical benefits and improvement in the asthetics of your body, it also makes for a healthy mental balance. It improves confidence and takes you to places you thought you could never go. 

Becoming a Personal trainer was the best decision I have ever made, as it allows me to support and stimulate people in a positive manor, at the stage where they want to make a difference in their own lives. It is a constantly developing profession that requires on going study in order to maintain knowledge at the cutting edge. Being a personal trainer/coach is my dream job and I love every minute of it!  



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