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Training for any health and fitness goal should come with a lifestyle change that suits your personal circumstances. I believe reaching your goals comes in three stages, detailed below. My passion lies within teaching those goals and they are applied to every client I work with.

Training smart will create maximum results in the least amount of time. With my ptonline plan and personal training, I will coach you to train at maximum effort with every exercise you receive in your personalized programs. The effort lies within your own capabilities as not one person is the same as the other. You will accomplish the goals you set out to reach whether you prefer training at home, outside or in the gym.



Goed eten en de juiste balans vinden in je eetpatroon is noodzakelijk voor elk doel. Dit is wel moeilijk, zeker in deze maatschappij. Hiervoor heb ik in je persoonlijke profielinstructies,

calorie calculator, planners en recepten geplaatst, zodat je een duidelijk beeld krijgt van hoe je te werk moet gaan. Hierbij heb je mijn volledige ondersteuning.    

Building a mindset that works will help you achieve your ultimate goal. By focusing on what's right and where you want to go. If you move into a good place within your mind, it will bring you forward and nothing will stop you. When I coach, my first question is "where do you want to be?" This will determine the course of action. In your personal profile you have a Daily Task Lists which will help you change your behaviour and thinking patern. It will give you a clear vision of your next steps.    

Your honest answers and feedback during sessions together and frequently completing your daily task list, will help me guide you through your goals to achieve them in the most sufficient way possible. 

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